1487 Brewery

7620 Industrial Pkwy.
Plain City, OH 43064

(614) 536-1487

Our journey began in early 2016 with a beer law that was put in place more than 500 years ago and the desire to have an exceptional experience in our backyard.

Ben King founder of 1487 Brewery, a husband and a dad, has lived in Ohio for most of his life. He has always enjoyed beer, but it was not his first choice when choosing an adult beverage before experiencing beer in Germany.

While Ben worked for a German based corporation, he sampled his fair share of German beers during his stays. Traveling to Bavaria, he discovered high-quality brews that hit his palate unlike he had ever experienced at home. Ben found when he was back in the states he missed these fresh and flavorful German beers.

After looking for similar beers back home to no avail, Ben began researching the industry. During his journey, he found a lack of a Bavarian experience with fine and natural beer and family-friendly beer gardens. After pitching his idea to his colleague, Thomas Garbe, there was a proverbial “lightbulb” moment for him and Thomas. Thomas and Ben immediately started work on what is now 1487 Brewery.