Welcome Center Opens in Historic Uptown Marysville May 3, 2017

We're excited to announce the opening of a new welcome center in historic Uptown Marysville—Union Station 1820. The welcome center, which is designed to help drive tourism growth in the area, will serve visitors, business travelers, residents and local businesses looking for information about events, attractions, restaurants and lodging.

The welcome center is centrally located to facilitate community events. It will provide meeting space for community organizations and a retail store that sells products made in Union County, along with branded merchandise, such as apparel, postcards and coffee mugs promoting the area. Think of Union Station 1820 as the hub for everything hip and happening in Union County.

The new welcome center is a logical next step for the county, which has been experiencing rapid growth and continues to attract a growing number of visitors each year. In 2015, tourism generated $110.9 million in business in Union County and $3.2 million in local taxes, according to TourismOhio.

"Through our engagement with visitors at the welcome center, we will generate more overnight stays and business for local restaurants, merchants and attractions," said Tina Knotts, tourism and marketing director for the Union County Convention & Visitors Bureau. "This will have a significant impact on growing our local economy for the benefit of Union County residents."

The welcome center also aligns with the Uptown Revitalization Plan, which was developed and approved by the City of Marysville and the Union County Community Improvement Corporation in an effort to provide a more vibrant downtown business district for the community.

Union Station 1820

The name of the new welcome center is tied to some events of historical significance.

Union - This, of course, comes from Union County, but it also refers to any gathering place, or union, such as student unions on college campuses.

Station - Think railroad station. The railroad was once vitally important to Union County and was used to transport both passengers and freight. In the past, the train station was the first place people encountered when they visited an area. It was a local gathering spot where information was often exchanged. It's easy to understand how train stations served as centers for culture, economic status, relationship-building and business dealings. Often referred to as unions, the train stations were places where people waited long hours to reunite with loved ones.

1820 - This is the year Union County was founded.

Grand Opening

Union Station 1820 will officially open on May 3, 2017 with a ribbon cutting at 10 a.m., followed by an open house from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The welcome center will be located at 109 E. Fifth Street in Marysville. Everyone is invited to participate in this exciting event.

To learn more, contact the Union County Convention & Visitors Bureau at 937-642-6279.

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