Free Tours of Honda's Cutting Edge Designs

A Visit to the Honda Heritage Center

Looking for a travel destination that combines the past, present and future while capturing the essence of technology and innovation? Look no further than the Honda Heritage Center in Union County. This 15,000-square-foot museum is an inspiring celebration of Honda's success in North America, one that highlights the mobility company's many remarkable milestones.

"We always knew there was an interest," said Communications Coordinator Stacey Koons, referring to the overwhelming public response since the center opened. "We want the center to inspire and educate the community, our customers and our future workforce. It's about giving back to the community." More than 35,000 people have visited the Honda Heritage Center since it opened in January 2015. It is the only Honda museum in North America, and it is jam-packed with interactive exhibits and jaw-dropping innovations.

What You'll See

Make no mistake. The Honda Heritage Center is about much more than cars, although that's certainly a big part of it. For instance, you will see a 1983 Honda Accord, which is the first car built at the Marysville Auto Plant, and the Acura NSX, a luxury supercar that launched last spring. But the heart of Honda is its engine. So it's no surprise that the center it dedicated to the engine, including a shiny 2014 V6 Accord engine and transmission—prominently displayed for all to see.

You will also see plenty of motorcycles, including a 1980 Honda Elsinore, the first Honda product to roll off its U.S. assembly line at the Marysville Motorcycle Plant (try to visualize Steve McQueen riding through the desert like he did in the 1973 commercial for this popular vehicle), and a 2009 Gold Wing GL 1800, the final model built on the production line in 2009.

Despite their awesomeness, these items are only a fraction of what's on display at the center. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Most popular: HondaJet, the first aircraft developed by the Honda Aircraft Company, is a highlight of the museum. This light business jet is manufactured in Greensboro, North Carolina.

  • Best for kids: This one is a tie between the Honda Racing Experience, a 3-D racing game that simulates the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, and a fun exhibit that features ATVs, motorcycles, watercraft and a side-by-side utility vehicle.

  • Most futuristic: A skeleton version of Asimo, a robot that was designed to help with human mobility, is on site to showcase Honda's experimental technology.

  • Most nostalgic: Perhaps you're old enough to remember the advertising campaign: You meet the nicest people on a Honda. The slogan referred to the Honda Super Cub motorcycle, and it had a lasting impact on Honda's image and attitudes about motorcycles in general. Now you can see a Honda Super Cub on display at the center.

  • The biggest surprise: Admission is free for both the Honda Heritage Center and the Auto Plant Tour.

Honda Auto Plant Tours

Visitors can combine a self-guided tour of the Honda Heritage Center with a guided tour of the auto plant. This one-hour auto plant tour (wear comfortable shoes) is a rare look into the inner workings of a manufacturing facility, including the company's state-of-the-art Technical Development Center. Many visitors drive a considerable distance to reach the center, so it makes sense to combine both tours in a single visit.

Before You Go

To visit the Honda Heritage Center and the Honda Auto Plant, you must first make reservations at Here you will also find information about hours, age requirements, parking, directions, as well as what to bring and what to wear.

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