Bust N Boba Tea Cafe

85 S Mill St.
Millford Center, OH 43045

(937) 349-1033

What's all the bubble about Boba? Originating in Taiwain, boba tea or "bubble tea" begins with a base of black tea, soft tapioca pearls, and variety of added flavors including creamy milks and sweet fruits. New to Milford Center, Bust N Boba Café has opened a brick and mortar café showcasing their delicious boba teas and tasty diner dishes. Extending from their well renowned food truck, Bust N Boba offers a robust menu, even offering ice cream and lip smacking macaroons! Find them on 85 S. Mill St. Milford Center.


Mon - Sun 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.




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