Mural Walking Tour

A stroll through the streets of the cities and villages in Union County is sure
to leave you inspired. See how you measure up as you stand next to the art
installation of Colonel Noah B. Orr, “Union County’s Giant,” who is believed
to have stood nearly 7’8” tall! Located at 103 S. Main St. in Marysville, this
colorful installation is a great reminder to celebrate what makes you unique.
Visitors can almost feel the wind in their hair when they see the All Ohio
Balloon Festival Mural, celebrating this long-standing Union County festival
tradition, located at 207 N. Main St. in Marysville. Reuben Partridge was a prolific bridge builder, as he put the gift of ingenuity to use in building hundreds of bridges in Ohio. Stop by the commemorative mural at 130 N. Main St. in Marysville to visualize the impact Reuben had long ago and today.

Uptown Marysville

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