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Business Meeting Room

Learn it, Live it, Give it. This is the mission of Marysville Grace Church and believing in the strength, love, and community of the Christian Gospel. Built in 2012, the church has a beautiful contemporary design, opening the the space to abundant natural light and warm, neutral tones. Marysville Grace has meeting space available for rent on their lower levels. Rooms are class-room style with tables, chairs, TV's and WiFi. With a total of 14 rooms, 3 can be converted to a larger single room. Each classroom can hold around 15- 20 comfortably. A large kitchen-style room on the upper level allows for catering set up and their large congregation room can accommodate up to 300.Marysville Grace Church is an active worship center welcoming to all. Scheduling availability may be limited during certain times. For more information please contact Marysville Grace Church or the CVB Tourism Services Coordinator.

17240 Amrine Wood Rd.
Marysville, OH 43040

(937) 537-6944