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Marysville Murals

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All Ohio Balloon Festival

The mural depicts a gathering of balloon flying over Marysville with the festival founders Jack Scott and John Feenstra. It also shows Journal-Tribune founder Bruce Gaumer, third generation publisher Dan Behrens and his grandson Berkley Behrens. The Darth Vader Balloon, from Belgium, is also depicted in the mural.

Mural painted by Curtis W.m. Goldstein in August 2011.

Noah Orr mural.JPG

Noah Orr

This art installation celebrates Colonel Noah Orr, who was born on Sept. 19 1836, in Union County. Known as Union County's Giant, his fame derived from the fact that he was a very large man. At 7 ft 8 in and 500 pounds in weight Colonel Orr toured the country as a giant and performer from the 1850's - to 1882. He appeared in many leading circuses, shows and museums. His famous career ended July 1, 1882 when he passed away in his home on W. Sixth Street in Marysville.

Mural by Streamline Design

Partridge Mural 2.jpg

Reuben Partridge

Reuben L. Partridge designed and built hundreds of covered bridges in Central Ohio, many of which were in Union County. Mr. Partridge received United States patent for the "Partridge Truss" which was a unique covered bridge engineering feature. The mural also depicts a O.M Scott buggy exiting the bridge. The O.M Scott Company originally built Buggies before it began selling grass seed by mail in the early 1900's.

Mural Painted by Curtis W.m. Goldstein in 2010


John Auer Grocer

In May of 1894 John Auer resigned from his position in the railroad industry to open a grocery with his brother-in-law in Marysville.


Marysville Cabinet Company

This building was originally built in 1911. The Marysville Cabinet Company manufactured, office furniture, kitchen cupboards, cabinets and tables. 

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