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Covered Bridges

Unique to Union County are the several covered bridges

that have stood the test of time – almost two centuries – and have adjusted from horse traffic to automotive.

They can be found throughout the county.

Covered Bridge Fun Map

Ways to find the bridges:

Big Darby Plains Scenic Byway Signage

Union County Map

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Turn by Turn Directions

See all the covered bridges with these turn by turn directions.

North Lewisburg Covered Bridge

This new bridge has a modified Pratt truss with substructures built out of the creek at a cost of $1.6 million. This is the original site of the Pottersburg Bridge. When the one lane Pottersburg Bridge could no longer handle the growing volume of traffic, it was decided to move the Pottersburg Bridge to a nearby multi-purpose trail. Once the original bridge was safely moved, it was promptly replaced with this modern covered bridge.

​​Length: 135 feet
Year: 2006
Builder: Righter Company

Spans: Big Darby Creek

Pottersburg Covered Bridge

This bridge was formerly in the location of the North Lewisburg Road Covered Bridge. When Honda built their North American Headquarters nearby the one-lane bridge became insufficient for the increase in traffic. In order to "save" the bridge, it was moved on a trailer to a "rails to trails" project down the road. The Pottersburg bridge is now part of a 1.9 mile paved multi-purpose trail. In 1949 extensive repairs were made. Three 6 feet by 10 feet I-beams were placed under each corner span. The full-length canopy and side windows were added in 1937. This bridge is the site of the Dine on a Covered Bridge events held every September. 


Length: 94 feet

Built: 1868

Builder: Partridge

Spans: Old Rail Bed

Historical Marker

Spain Creek Covered Bridge

This quaint bridge is Union County's smallest covered bridge. In 2008 and 2016, the bridge was rehabilitated after heavy machinery damaged the overhead braces. Notice the “bridge-within-a-bridge” concept. This design allows the covered bridge to rest, while the bridge inside carries the weight of traffic. Spain Creek is designated an Exceptional Warm Water Habitat and Cold Water Habitat by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

Length: 64 feet

Built: 1870s

Builder: Partridge

Spans: Spain Creek

Historical Marker

Buck Run Covered Bridge

This is the third bridge to be on this site, first a covered bridge, second a steel truss bridge and now this modern two-lane covered bridge. This bridge is currently the longest single-span wooden bridge in Ohio. At the request of the Federal Highway Administration and Ohio Department of Transportation, the Union County Engineer was challenged to prove that building a covered bridge is more economical than other bridge types.



Length: 160 feet

Built: 2006

Builder: Righter Company

Spans: Big Darby Creek

Culbertson Covered Bridge

The bridge was originally located on State Route 4 and was moved prior to 1922. In 1977 a runaround was constructed for farm equipment and other large, heavy vehicles to bypass the covered bridge. The original cost of the bridge was $1,375.



Length: 94 feet

Built: 1868

Builder: Partridge

Spans: Treacle Creek

Historical Marker

Bigelow Covered Bridge

The bridge was named in honor of Eliphas Bigelow, a nearby resident whose family founded Plain City. In 1990 the bridge underwent an extensive renovation. Massive nail-laminated arches were seated into new concrete foundations. The arch system now carries the weight of traffic on the bridge.



aka Axe Handle Bridge

Length: 102 feet

Built: 1873

Builder: Partridge

Spans: Little Darby Creek

Historical Marker

Thompson Road Covered Bridge

This modern covered bridge was built on Thompson Road in Millcreek Township near the Delaware County line. In 1881 a covered bridge was built on this location but was destroyed by a devastating flood in 1913. This modern-day covered bridge is much different from its predecessor, in that it has two lanes and can carry all modern-day traffic loads. Local farm buildings inspired the architecture of this
lovely bridge.


Length: 125 feet

Built: 2010

Builder: Righter Company

Spans: Mill Creek

Streng Road Bridge

This steel Pratt truss bridge was built in 1914 to replace a covered bridge that was destroyed in the flood of 1913. Union County received special recognition for the renovation of this bridge in 1993. All of the original ornamentation and decorative elements are still in place. This is the only non-covered bridge to be officially listed as an Ohio Historic Bridge.

Length: 200 feet

Built: 1914

Builder: Central Concrete & Construction Co.

Spans: Big Darby Creek

Historical Marker

Reuben L. Partridge

Reuben L. Partridge was born in Wilmington, NY in 1823. In 1836 Partridge moved to Marysville and began to learn the carpentry craft while building carriages with his brother. In 1855 Reuben accepted his first contract to build the first self-supporting bridge in Union County. By 1866 Partridge was building bridges full-time. In 1872 he received a patent for his truss design. By 1883 Partridge had built over 125 bridges, most of them in Union County and nearby counties. Over the course of his life, Partridge served as a member of the Marysville City Council, as the Paris Township Clerk, and as a Paris Township Trustee. He was a part of the first militia formed in Union County. He also was very active in raising money and support for service groups from Union County who served in both the Mexican War and the Civil War. In 1896 he designed a Victorian-style home in Marysville as a 50th wedding anniversary gift for his wife. Partridge died in August 1900, as a result of injuries he sustained while removing a covered bridge.

Dine on a Covered Bridge Event

September 25th - 27th, 2020

For reservation information visit dineonacoveredbridge.com

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